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Opening of the National Election Coordination Centre (NECC)

Opening of the National Election Coordination Centre (NECC)

The PNG Electoral Commission officially opened the National Election Coordination Centre (NECC) yesterday (Friday July 1, 2022) in Port Moresby.
Elections are a massive logistical operation, and the coordination centre will be the engine room of the 2022 National General Election with the purpose of overseeing the management of the election, through collecting and collating information from the provinces during polling and counting, monitoring election operations, managing incidents and fielding information to relevant stakeholders.
“The National Coordination Centre will function as the focal point for communication and coordination during the National General Election 2022. The centre will receive election updates from all 22 provinces in Papua New Guinea including any incidents that may occur during the polling period. Technical reports from Election Observer groups will also be received by the NECC for circulation to the PNGEC Senior Management Team,” said PNG Electoral Commissioner Simon Sinai.
He added that any security incidents will be directly communicated with the Joint Security Task Force – Command Centre (JSTF- CC) through a dedicated communication channel.