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International Electoral Partnerships

International Electoral Partnerships

The PNGEC has benefited from on-going support by
international technical assistance providers during 2016-
17 electoral planning and implementation and in the
preparation of the Corporate Plan 2018-2022. The presence
of international advisers is welcomed as they provide
comparative experience; technical recommendations;
capacity development training; and specialised expertise
in policy development, strategic and operational planning,
database management, voter and civic education, fiscal
management and logistical preparations, among other areas.

The PNGEC’s traditional international partners include the
Australian Electoral Commission (AEC), Australian Civilian
Corps (ACC) and New Zealand Electoral Commission
(NZEC). The International Foundation for Electoral
Systems (IFES) and Papua New Guinea Governance Facility
(PGF) have provided additional support. The PNGEC is
grateful for the funding provided to these partners from
the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade
(DFAT) and New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and
Trade (MFAT).

The Australian Defence Force (ADF) is also acknowledged
for its air assets that enabled the timely delivery of essential
electoral materials to the provinces. The Government of
the Peoples’ Republic of China is also acknowledged for
its essential donations of 133 vehicles to the PNGEC and
national security forces, comprised of the Royal Papua New
Guinea Constabulary, Papua New Guinea Defence Force and
Correctional Services, during the 2017 National Election.
As the PNGEC prepares to implement the Corporate
Plan in 2018, additional international technical assistance is
requested from DFAT and MFAT, and an open call is issued
for contributions by other interested partners. During the
period following the 2017 elections, the European Union,
Commonwealth of Nations and embassies of Japan and the
United States of America discussed the potential for future
electoral support. Potential assistance areas include electoral
administration, electoral legal framework reform, human
resources management, procurement and logistics, database
and archival management and other electoral assistance
areas. The PNGEC is committed to improving its capacity
to deliver high-quality elections with local knowledge and
international experience.